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Systemic similarities between Crohn's disease and mycobacterioses.

Systemic manifestation Crohn's disease Intestinal tuberculosis BJD (Bovine Johne's disease) Other mycobacterioses (in humans)
Arthritis Yes Yes Yes Leprosy
Erythema nodosum Yes Yes Yesa Yes
Amyloidosis Yes Yes Yes Leprosy
Granulomatous hepatitis Yes Yes Yes Leprosy
Nephrolithiasis Yes No Yes NKb
Oral ulcers Yes Yes NK NK
Ocular Yes NK Yes Leprosy

a Skin lesions often exhibited as alopecia.

b NK. Not Known or not applicable due to site specificity.

Source: "Crohn's Disease and the Mycobacterioses: A Review and Comparison of Two Disease Entities", by Rodrick Chiodini, January 1989.

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