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Title: The prevalence of paratuberculosis in culled New England cattle.
Title Abreviation: Cornell Vet Date of Pub: 1986 Jan
Author: Chiodini RJ; van Kruiningen HJ;
Issue/Part/Supplement: 1 Volume Issue: 76 Pagination: 91-104
MESH Headings: Animal; Cattle; Cattle Diseases (*EP); New England; Paratuberculosis (EC/*EP); -AA-;
Journal Title Code: DRI Publication Type: JOURNAL ARTICLE
Date of Entry: 860214NEntry Month: 8604
Country: UNITED STATES Index Priority: 2
Language: Eng Unique Identifier: 86080736
Unique Identifier: 86080736 ISSN: 0010-8901
Abstract: The prevalence of bovine paratuberculosis in New England was determined to be 18% based on a random survey of abattoir cattle. Six tissues from each of 100 animals were examined by histologic and bacteriologic methods. The cecal lymph node and the ileocecal valve yielded positive cultures most frequently, but isolations were also made from liver, tonsil, colon, and ileum. On the basis of the prevalence data, the economic significance of paratuberculosis to the New England dairy industry was estimated in excess of +15.4 million annually. Field studies identified 25 infected herds in New England. One of the infected herds from Connecticut was sold at public auction, an act which resulted in the dissemination of 95 potentially infected cattle to 28 farms in 8 different states.
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