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Title: Incidence of paratuberculosis after vaccination against M. paratuberculosis in two infected dairy herds.
Title Abreviation: Zentralbl Veterinarmed [B] Date of Pub: 1994 Oct
Author: Wentink GH; Bongers JH; Zeeuwen AA; Jaartsveld FH;
Issue/Part/Supplement: 7-8 Volume Issue: 41 Pagination: 517-22
MESH Headings: Animal; Bacterial Vaccines (*); Cattle; Cattle Diseases (EP/*PC); Female; Incidence; Mycobacterium paratuberculosis (*IM); Netherlands (EP); Paratuberculosis (EP/*PC); Vaccination (*VE); Vaccines, Inactivated; -RN-;
Journal Title Code: Y72 Publication Type: CLINICAL TRIAL
Date of Entry: 950504NEntry Month: 9507
Country: GERMANY Index Priority: 3
Language: Eng Unique Identifier: 95216417
Unique Identifier: 95216417 ISSN: 0931-1793
Abstract: Vaccination against paratuberculosis of all newborn animals has been performed since April 1984 in two dairy herds with a high incidence of clinical cases of paratuberculosis, using a vaccine containing heat-inactivated M. paratuberculosis in a water/mineral oil emulsion. Animals slaughtered between April 1984 and January 1991 were included in the study. Histology, bacterioscopy and culture on Smith and modified Löwenstein-Jensen media were performed using jejunum, ileum and draining lymph nodes. The animals present on the farm in April 1984 constituted a retrospective non-vaccinated group, giving an indication of the initial infection rate. After vaccination, the percentage of animals culled for clinical paratuberculosis decreased significantly (7.8 to 1.8%; P < 0.005), as did the percentage of animals with positive histology (11.8% to 5%). The incidence of infected animals, defined by positive results in histology and or bacterioscopy and/or culture, however, increased from 21.8% to 25.9%.
Abstract By: Author
Address: Department of Large Animal Medicine and Nutrition, State University Utrecht, The Netherlands.