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Title: [Synchronous intestinal, tonsillar and pulmonary tuberculosis]
Title Abreviation: Rev Esp Enferm Dig Date of Pub: 1995 Sep
Author: Díaz Oller J; Cano Muñoz R; Fuentes Vaamonde ME; Soler Lluch E; Díaz Iglesias; Medina Domínguez MT; Arcos Navarro A; Moya Vázquez R; Aljama de la Lastra P;
Issue/Part/Supplement: 9 Volume Issue: 87 Pagination: 673-6
MESH Headings: Adult; Biopsy; Case Report; Colectomy; Colonic Diseases (*CO/DI/SU); Diagnosis, Differential; English Abstract; Human; Male; Pharyngeal Diseases (CO/DI); Tonsil (*/PA); Tuberculosis (*CO/DI/PA); Tuberculosis, Gastrointestinal (*CO/DI/SU); Tuberculosis, Pulmonary (*CO/DI); -EA-;
Journal Title Code: ARX Publication Type: JOURNAL ARTICLE
Date of Entry: 951201NEntry Month: 9602
Country: SPAIN Index Priority: 3
Language: Spa Unique Identifier: 96019760
Unique Identifier: 96019760 ISSN: 1130-0108
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: To emphasize the unusual synchronous presentation of intestinal, pulmonary and tonsillar tuberculosis in the same patient. CLINICAL CASE: A 43 years old male consults for abdominal pain and alternating episodes of diarrhoea-constipation. Based on radiologic, endoscopic and pathologic studies the diagnosis of Crohn's ileo-cecal disease is achieved and a treatment with salazosulphapyridine and corticosteroid is started. Two months later the patient presents with a tonsilar ulceration that is diagnosed as tuberculosis on biopsy material. At the same time, chest x-rays film reveal active tuberculous lesions, and tuberculous bacili are seen in the sputum. Simultaneously the intestinal disease worsens and complicates with incomplete occlusion that requires a right hemicolectomy. Pathologic study of the specimen shows evident tuberculous lesions. Specific treatment for tuberculosis is started, and the patient remains free of disease one year later. CONCLUSIONS: Due to the increase in the prevalence of tuberculous diseases, we must keep it in mind in the differential diagnosis of intestinal strictures, even though they are suggestive of Crohn's disease, and a radical surgical procedure must also be evaluated.
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Address: Servicio de Cirugía General, Hospital San Agustín, Linares (Jaén).
Transliterated/Vernacular Title: Tuberculosis intestinal, amigdalar y pulmonar sincrónicas.