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Title: [Intestinal tuberculosis presenting as Crohn's disease]
Title Abreviation: Harefuah Date of Pub: 1992 Nov 1
Author: Suissa A; Militiano D; Kerner V; Rubin A; Eidelman S;
Issue/Part/Supplement: 9 Volume Issue: 123 Pagination: 322-3, 372
MESH Headings: Adult; Antitubercular Agents (AD/TU); Case Report; Crohn Disease (*DI); Diagnosis, Differential; English Abstract; Female; Human; Tuberculosis, Gastrointestinal (*DI/DT); Tuberculosis, Pulmonary (CO/DI/DT); -RN-;
Journal Title Code: FZF Publication Type: JOURNAL ARTICLE
Date of Entry: 930204NEntry Month: 9304
Country: ISRAEL Index Priority: 3
Language: Heb Unique Identifier: 93114673
Unique Identifier: 93114673 ISSN: 0017-7768
Abstract: A 24-year-old woman who had immigrated from India 3 years before was referred because of diarrhea, abdominal pain and weight loss. Crohn's disease was suspected, but investigation revealed active pulmonary tuberculosis and tuberculosis of the small and large intestine. She was treated with rifampicin, 600 mg/day, INH 300 mg/day, and ethambutol, 400 mg/day, and recovered fully within 6 months.
Abstract By: Author
Address: Gastroenterology, Dept, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa.