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Title: Segmental tuberculosis of the colon mimicking carcinoma.
Title Abreviation: Arch Surg Date of Pub: 1980 Jan
Author: Devanesan JD; Sable RA; Pitchumoni CS; Lev R; Zapiach L;
Issue/Part/Supplement: 1 Volume Issue: 115 Pagination: 90-1
MESH Headings: Adult; Case Report; Colonic Diseases (*DI); Colonic Neoplasms (*DI); Diagnosis, Differential; Endoscopy; Human; Male; Tuberculosis, Gastrointestinal (*DI); -AA-;
Journal Title Code: 8IA Publication Type: JOURNAL ARTICLE
Date of Entry: 800226NEntry Month: 8004
Country: UNITED STATES Index Priority: -HEADING-
Language: Eng Unique Identifier: 80086959
Unique Identifier: 80086959 ISSN: 0004-0010
Abstract: Tuberculosis of the distal colon occurring in the absence of ileocecal or pulmonary involvement is often mistaken for neoplasm or Crohn's disease. In spite of various studies, including colonoscopy and brushings with biopsy, the diagnosis might still be in doubt at the time of operation. The combined approach of surgery and chemotherapy appears to be the treatment of choice, especially in those patients who have bleeding and/or obstruction in whom the diagnosis cannot be made by other modalities.
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